It’s crucial everybody feels confident that their suppliers use the System of Warranties - Stephane Fischler

The System of Warranties (SoW) in the diamond industry dates back to 2002, when the World Diamond Council (WDC) in team with the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) and the International Diamond Manufacturers Association...

13 november 2017

IIDGR’s proprietary technology gives polished diamonds unique identity

The International Institute of Diamond Grading & Research (IIDGR), a unit of the global diamond giant, De Beers, grades natural stones and is also using its proprietary inscription technology to inscribe a unique identification on tables of each...

07 november 2017

In future, only those who offer innovative designs will survive

A science graduate from Madras University, Srinivasan's one-man venture with just 10 employees launched in 1984 has now grown into the present Emerald Group, in about 3 plus decades. The Group from Southern India is one of the largest jewellery manufacturing...

30 october 2017

Conditions are still very difficult - Ernie Blom

Ernie Blom, the President of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) for the third term, has served on a range of industry bodies as an executive as well as chairman for many years, including Chairman, Diamond Dealers Club of South Africa...

23 october 2017

Pavel Vinikhin: ALROSA will make a worthy contribution to the revival of the ‘Russian Cut’ Brand

ALROSA is known as the largest diamond mining company throughout the world. However, not everyone is aware that it has its own diamond-cutting division. For a long time, the activity of DIAMONDS ALROSA remained in the shadows, only occasionally attracting...

16 october 2017

Issue of Synthetics High on Agenda at Third Dubai Diamond Conference

13 november 2017

The third edition of the biennial Dubai Diamond Conference had the theme of “Shaping the future of an interconnected marketplace.” The two-day conference, which took place in Dubai's Almas Tower, which houses the Dubai Diamond Exchange, brought together international leaders of the diamond industry ranging from African Ministers to traders, financiers and world-renowned jewelers.

Real and "real"

07 november 2017

Exactly one year ago we wrote a review titled "Information warfare for millennial’s wallet." It made quite a splash visually proving to industry players how aggressive were marketing campaigns waged by producers of synthetic diamonds. We have repeated the experiment and have to admit that something has changed over the past year. Synthetic producers continue their pro-active (and sometimes even aggressive) promotion of their goods, however noticeably changing the emphasis.

China and India, the next fastest growing diamond jewellery markets

30 october 2017

When the Diamond Producers' Association (DPA) upped their budget to $60 mn recently for generic promotion of diamonds and diamond jewellery, confidence seemed to return to the global diamond industry. DPA's choice of US, China & India, the world's leading diamond consumer markets, to begin promotional activities was also well received. A major portion of the funds was earmarked for the US market and rightly so as it is the biggest consumer market. With millennials and women, in general, had to be weaned away from other distractions, major efforts are being made in terms of advertisements. China and India are also in focus and DPA has all plans in place, roping in a top agency to launch the marketing campaign 'Real is Rare' in both the countries to boost the diamond jewelry consumer demand.

Russia is leading in global diamond production in 2016

23 october 2017

The Kimberley process with its 54 member-countries made the statistics on of the rough diamond production and trade open and available for studies by all the countries in the world. A small number of countries involved in the diamond business makes it easier. In 2016, the rough diamonds were produced by 23 countries in the world.

Lesedi La Rona: The big stone that didn’t lighten Lucara’s world?

16 october 2017

The high-end diamond game is played on a very small field by only a few players. Not many diamantaires have the financial muscle or the nerve to cut big diamonds.

Risks and advantages of Angola's ‘Udachnaya’ pipe

09 october 2017

Last May, it became known that ALROSA would buy a share in the Luele diamond pipe that is part of the Luaxe concession. The Russian company considers the Luele pipe as the largest among the deposits discovered over the last 60 years. This is a kind of a conditional forecast but, on the other side, it is not the first year that ALROSA studies this pipe and works at Catoca in the Lunda Sul province, located 20 km away from the Luele pipe. For the first time, the Russian specialists came to this area in 1995, and the Russian technologies were used to build Catoca’s beneficiation facilities, and over this period, it has become the fourth miner in the world by volume. Nowadays, Catoca accounts for 75% of the Angolan diamond production, and this year the mine will produce 6.5 mn carats worth $600 mn.

New Diamond Jewelry Demand Being Created by Changing Role Of Women

02 october 2017

De Beers may have arrived at the party a little late, but nonetheless new research that it published in its latest Diamond Insight Report provides detailed evidence about the rapidly changing role of women as diamond jewelry buyers. The research talks about "shifting relationship dynamics, women’s expanding roles in society and changing perceptions of femininity" which are creating "new motivations for diamond jewelry acquisitions".

Search for diamond deposits and junior exploration companies in Russia

25 september 2017

The founder of the Russian mining science, mineralogy and chemistry, Mikhail Lomonosov, in his treatise "The First Foundations of Metallurgy or Ore Mining" (1763) predicted the possibility of discovering diamonds in Russia's "midnight lands," having stated this in his book “On the Layers of the Earth”: “... In the north ... we cannot doubt that diamonds could have happened there ... and they can be found.” His prophecy came true in the 1980s, when the first primary diamond deposit on the Winter Coast of the Onega Peninsular was discovered and named after Mikhail Lomonosov.

Genuine transparency: Sine qua non for growth of Zim diamond industry

18 september 2017

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe claimed early 2016 that $13 billion was lost through leakages since diamond mining began in Marange in 2006. A local non-governmental organisation, Centre for Natural Resource Governance (CNRG) then said last July that the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme (KP) could have assisted Mugabe’s ruling ZANU PF to “plunder” diamond revenues since 2011.

Mir Disaster Puts Diamond Industry's Excellent Record In The Spotlight

11 september 2017

Just a month after the terrible disaster at ALROSA's Mir mine in Yakutia where eight miners lost their lives following a sudden flooding at the underground operation, attention turns to the safety record of the diamond mining industry. It might appear to be too soon to talk about the subject with the memory of the catastrophe still fresh in the mind and with families and friends of the eight miners still grieving terribly, but the accident nonetheless leads our attention to focus on the safety precautions and standards that are in place.

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